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    Van是位於土耳其東部,由多個小村莊組成。攝影師Nadir Bucan於2010年搬到這裡居住,並在Yüzüncü Yıl大學擔任攝影老師,這系列名為《Under the Shadow of the Sun》的作品,就是他過去六年間,用相片記錄了當地的庫爾德人過着的簡樸生活。

He carries grass to the sheep twice a day in winter times. Gorundu, Van, January 2017.Women bake bread in tandoor oven. Gorundu, Van, January 2017.As the nomads put the herd out to graze, they try to warm up at the same time by burning the bushes. Bahcesaray, Van, June 2012.Boys carry milk bins on donkeys to the village. They have to travel these difficult paths twice a day because their herd is far away. Toreli, Van, July 2013.Sisters take the horses out to feed. Organli, Van, May 2013.

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Women separate the ram from the herd because he get sick. They take him to the village for treatment. Gorundu, Van, July 2013.

Shepherds wear felt cloaks to protect themselves from the cold. In addition, they carry guns to protect themselves from animal predators. Alakaynak, Van, April 2015.

Fatma takes her granddaughter Avesta for a walk. Bahcesaray, Van, June 2015.
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Boys clean the horses in the hot spring. Budakli, Van, February 2013.Sheep are fed outdoors twice a day in the winter. Uzuntekne, Van, February 2017.Nadir Bucan8Nadir Bucan7